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Tulsa Home Watch Services

Watching Your Home While You're Away

Trusted, Thorough & Professional

With today’s ever-changing, fast-paced way-of-life, we sometimes find ourselves being needed in multiple places at one time. That’s where we can help. Tulsa Home Watch Services will watch over your investment property or unoccupied home at times you can't. We manage and perform home watch inspections and provide concierge services. If you have a vacation home, residential home, or investment property in or near Tulsa, OK, we can help.

We are not home or mold inspectors. We are home watch specialists. We provide visual inspections of a home's interior, exterior, and surrounding property for obvious issues. If any abnormalities are located, we immediately report it to you and assist in coordinating licensed professionals to remedy the situation. We become a trusted advocate for you in your absence.

About Us

Jason Holt has 18 years of experience as a law enforcement officer and is employed by the largest state agency in Oklahoma. He holds an advanced law enforcement certification and a Master of Business Administration degree.  

Jason understand's the importance of looking after and maintaining unoccupied or vacant properties. He also understands and respects the level of trust extended to him when a client chooses to utilize our home watch services in the Tulsa area. It's truly a privilege that comes with great responsibility. He’d like an opportunity to meet with you and see how he can help.


A vacant home is a vulnerable home and it’s important to stack the deck in your favor. The more preventative measures taken to prep your home for when you’re away, the less chance there is for something to go wrong. Along with preparation, it’s important to have a game-plan for when you’re away. A crucial part of that game-plan is to have a home watch professional conduct regular visits of your vacant home and provide you with a detailed report of the findings each visit.

01. Basic Safety Package

Conduct an Exterior Inspection
     - Check integrity of the house.

     - Visual inspection of exterior of residence, including roof, fascia, doors, windows, etc. for any potential problems.

     - Check for signs of forced entry, theft, damage, or vandalism. Ensure doors and windows are properly locked.

     - Inspection of landscaping to verify plants, trees, and yard are being maintained.

     - Check exterior for pest infestation.


Conduct an Interior Inspection
     - Inspect for signs of theft, damage, or vandalism, and integrity of all doors and windows.

     - Ensure proper functioning of the security system and air conditioning system.

     - Operate all faucets and toilets. 

     - Check for water damage and mold around ceilings, walls, windows, faucets, showers and under cabinets.

     - Check for pest infestation and any evidence of tripped breakers.

     - Check water heater for leaks.

     - Check refrigerator and/or freezer.

     - Change A/C filter (per request).

     - Turn the main water valve off after each visit.

     - Start and run car(s) and boat(s) during inspection (if applicable).

     - Water indoor plants (if applicable).

     - Other services available upon request and agreement with homeowner. 

02. Additional Services

Conduct an Interior Inspection
     - Coordinate Repair or Maintenance Services
     - Give Access (to vendors/service providers)
     - Waiting Services (for service, repair, delivery, installation, etc.)
     - Package Pick-Up & Bring In (bring in packages delivered to property)
     - Mail Forwarding
     - Open & Prep Home For Owner or Guest Arrivals
     - Close Down Home After Owner or Guest Departs
     - Renter Check-In & Check-Out Walk Throughs (before and or after rental periods)
     - Trash & Recycling Bins Service (place bins out to curb for pick up or bring bins in)
     - Post-Storm Inspections
     - Auto Care (vehicle battery maintainer set up and removal, take vehicle to be washed/cleaned)
    - Grocery Shopping & Stocking
     - Other Services…you fill in the blank!


We can assist you to coordinate services from licensed professionals for:
     - Air Conditioning / HVAC, Cleaning Services, Electrical, Landscaping & Tree Trimming, Maintenance & Repairs, Painting, Pest Control, Plumbing, Pressure Washing Services, Real Estate Sales & Rentals, Renovations, Roofing, and Transportation Services.


Check to make sure your examiner attends advanced and continued education in the field of polygraph (lie detection), including national conferences. They must complete at least 30 hours every 24 months to maintain their APA membership.

Jason attended the Basic and Advanced Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph courses and the National Polygraph Academy Post-conviction Sex Offender Testing course. He also attends APA national conferences. 


Ensure your examiner has at least 5 years of experience conducting a variety of examination types including family, post-conviction, and pre-employment polygraph (lie detector) exams.

Jason obtained his polygraph license in 2013 and has been conducting exams since that time. He has conducted exams of all types including infidelity, post-conviction and pre-employment.


Ensure your examiner has experience conducting polygraph (lie detector) exams for a state, local, or federal law enforcement agency or district attorney’s office. This experience is invaluable

Jason has conducted more than 500 polygraph (lie detector) exams for multiple law enforcement agencies and district attorney's offices.

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