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Written Statement Analysis

As an alternative to polygraph exams, a written statement analysis can help determine the truthfulness of a handwritten statement. Our examiners have attended specialized training in this area. Therefore, they know how to read, review, and analyze a written statement for accuracy and truth using techniques developed by leading specialists. The benefits of this type of truth verification service include:

Save Time
No Appointment Required
Quick Turn-Around


How Does the Process Work?


First, we will have you complete the form with as much information as possible about your situation.


Second, we will call you with specific instructions on obtaining the handwritten statement. Most importantly, do not start a statement prior to this consultation. 

Finally, we will deliver the results of the analysis via email within three (3) business days. 

The analysis of a written statement often serves as a cost and time-saving alternative to polygraph exams. Therefore, this process does not require an appointment. 

For private companies conducting an internal investigation, this lie detection service may assist in furthering your investigation. Further, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act prohibits the use of a polygraph in many of these cases. Therefore, contact us today to determine if this service can assist in your investigation.    

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