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Polygraph Test Tulsa

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Polygraph / Lie Detector Professional / Polygraph Test Tulsa

In 2013, Jason Holt founded Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection (Polygraph Test Tulsa), a premier polygraph examination and lie detector company. Jason is a 22-year law enforcement professional currently employed by Oklahoma's largest state agency. He has advanced through the ranks, holding key leadership positions, currently as a deputy chief. Jason develops, implements, and maintains sound business principles ensuring the most professional, trusted, confidential, and accurate polygraph (lie detector) examination services for our clients.  Finally, Jason owns Holt Real Estate Co LLC where he is an active real estate agent and investor. 

Polygraph Examiner / Lie Detection Professional

Polygraph (lie detector test) results can change your life. Ensure you hire a professional, trusted, and proven examiner. The reliability and validity of your polygraph exam depend on the examiner’s qualifications and experience.

Jason has been conducting polygraph test, lie detector tests, since 2013 after graduating from the Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School. He was the polygraph unit coordinator for his agency for eight years and since 2015 has served on the Oklahoma State Board of Polygraph Examiners, where he currently serves as Chairman. In 2022, Jason graduated from the FBI National Academy. 

Jason is licensed and insured in Oklahoma and serves large and small communities including, but not limited to Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Vinita, Tahlequah, McAlester, Durant, and Muskogee. He also assists clients from surrounding states. He exceeds all annual continuing education requirements and is a member of the American Polygraph Association, the American Association of Police Polygraphists, and the FBI National Academy Associates.

Jason utilizes a modern, computerized polygraph test instrument, including all appropriate sensors required by the American Polygraph Association, and electronically records all exams. Jason's straightforward and honest approach will ensure you GET THE TRUTH! (Polygraph Test Tulsa)

Jason Holt Polygraph Examiner

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