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Post-Conviction (PCSOT) Exams


Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection Tulsa conducts post-conviction sex offender testing exams in conjunction with an individual’s probation/parole officer and assigned treatment provider. Further, our examiners have experience in conducting exams at the federal and state levels and meet all American Polygraph Association requirements.

If you are a treatment provider seeking services for your clients, please contact us to discuss the needs of your clients. Likewise, if you are a sex offender seeking minimum requirements for your conviction, have your treatment provider contact us for details on how we can work together.

Types of polygraph exams offered include:

  • Instant Offense Polygraph Exam

  • Sexual History Polygraph Exam

  • Specific Issue Polygraph Exam

  • Maintenance Polygraph Exam

  • Monitoring Polygraph Exam

Contact Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection Tulsa to schedule your free 15-minute consultation. 

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