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Polygraph Test Tulsa OK


Polygraph examinations (lie detector test Tulsa OK) are often used by attorneys to help their clients in a variety of ways. Common uses include:

  • Even if polygraph results may not admissible in court, they can still be used to bargain with the prosecution for a lesser charge or outright dismissal. Some district attorneys may agree to dismiss criminal charges if a defendant passes an exam with an approved examiner.

  • In some cases, the parties to a lawsuit may agree to settle a civil case before it goes to trial. If a party agrees to take a polygraph exam, lie detector test, and passes, this may increase the chances of a settlement. 

  • In some cases, disputes are resolved through arbitration rather than through the court system. The results of a polygraph exam can be used in arbitration to help the arbitrator make a decision.

  • The results of a lie detector test (polygraph test Tulsa) can be used in civil cases, such as child custody or paternity disputes.


It should be noted that polygraph examinations of clients may fall under the doctrine of attorney-client privilege. 

If you have been accused of criminal wrongdoing, we can conduct an exam if an agreement has been reached between your attorney and the district attorney’s office. For example, accusations may include theft, fraud, assault, physical or sexual abuse, or any other charges. Subsequently, we will work to determine the truth of any allegation and provide you with the results.

Contact Holt Polygraph Test Tulsa OK & Lie Detector Tulsa OK below to schedule your free 15-minute consultation. 

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