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Infidelity + Relationship Exams- Polygraph Lie Detector Test Tulsa OK


Relationship issue polygraph examinations lie detector tests, determine whether one party in any domestic relationship has been truthful or faithful to the other party in the relationship. Issues include:

  • Infidelity in a relationship

  • Theft

  • Other areas of mistrust such as pornography use, texting, etc. 


Individuals who can be tested include:

  • Spouses

  • Significant others

  • Children

  • Siblings

  • Any other domestic relationship.

Most importantly, domestic issue and relationship exams require a keen understanding of the specific situation that has sparked the need for a polygraph exam. Therefore, we recommend a consultation with your examiner to better assess the right type of test for your needs. During this consultation, a properly trained examiner can determine the correct polygraph lie detector services for you and your relationship.

Polygraph exam (lie detector test Tulsa OK) can also help settle:

  • Divorce disputes

  • Custody disputes

  • Financial disputes

  • Co-worker disputes

  • Family disputes

  • Allegations of injury to children

  • Etc.  

Contact Holt Polygraph & Lie Detector Test Tulsa OK to schedule your free 15-minute consultation to discus your polygraph exam, lie detector, needs. 

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