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What is the Oklahoma Polygraph Bill of Rights?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Tulsa Polygraph examinee during exam

(By Jason Holt, Polygraph Tulsa | Lie Detector Test Tulsa OK)

Every person who takes a polygraph exam (lie detector test) in Oklahoma has certain rights granted to them by state law. These can be found in the Oklahoma Administrative Code. Below is a list of those rights and an explanation of how Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection follows all laws and rules.

  1. Taking a polygraph examination in the State of Oklahoma, is a voluntary act unless the examinee is an employee of a governmental body which has a policy or Rules and Regulations requiring mandatory polygraph examinations as a part of internal investigations.

    1. Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection follows all laws set out by Oklahoma state statutes. We only administer polygraph exams to those that volunteer and consent to testing. The exception to this policy is for internal investigations for some police, fire, and other governmental agencies.

  2. The examinee has the right to know the nature of the examination.

    1. The majority of polygraph examinees know why they have traveled to our office for a polygraph exam. However, Holt Polygraph-Tulsa ensures we cover the purpose of the polygraph exam before any testing occurs.

  3. The examinee may terminate the examination at any time.

    1. At any point during the polygraph exam session, an examinee may decide to terminate testing. If an examinee expresses the desire to end testing, the examiner will immediately stop.

  4. The polygraph examiner may not ask any questions during the test that is not in writing and has not been reviewed, prior to the examination exactly as it will be asked.

    1. Before any testing begins, Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection ensures all polygraph exam questions are covered in detail so the examinee understands exactly what is being asked.

  5. The examiner shall not render a final opinion based on chart analysis, until the examinee has had a reasonable opportunity to explain any reactions to pertinent questions.

    1. If an examinee has any reactions during an exam that may be used to determine the examinee’s result as Deception Indicated or Significant Response, the examiner will explain those reactions have occurred and give the examinee an opportunity to explain those reactions.

  6. The examinee is entitled to a thorough explanation of what to expect during the examination prior to any test being conducted.

    1. Prior to any testing, the Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection examiner will explain all steps of the polygraph exam process. The examinee will be allowed to ask any questions they may have during any point of the process.

  7. A minimum of two charts shall be required to render an opinion based on chart analysis.

    1. Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection only uses polygraph exam formats approved by the American Polygraph Association. Each of those formats require a minimum of three polygraph charts.

  8. The examiner may not ask any questions which may reasonably be construed as being sexually oriented, or concerning religious, racial, labor or political beliefs or affiliations of the person being tested, unless they refer to a matter pertinent to the examination.

    1. Even though the subject of every polygraph exam is different, Holt Polygraph & Lie Detection will ensure that only questions pertinent to the polygraph examination will be asked during an exam.

  9. The person being tested, has the right to know the results of the examination in a timely manner, if so requested.

    1. Polygraph examinees will know the results of the polygraph examination before they leave their appointment.

Jason Holt is located in Tulsa and is an Oklahoma licensed, insured, and professional polygraph examiner. He is a member of the American Polygraph Association (APA), the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP), and is currently appointed to Oklahoma’s Polygraph Examiner Board. Jason ensures he exceeds all continuing education requirements required by the state and the APA. Jason has more than 10 years of experience in all types of polygraph examinations and adheres to very strict standards. For more information and to determine if he can assist you, visit or call Jason at (918) 995-0534. (Polygraph Lie Detector Tulsa)

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